From the back of the bookshelf in the closet

I tried keeping a comic journal before.  These are two consecutive pages from late in ’03.  Images from the second page were used by Curb Your Dog for their “We Are Moved” album, which was appropriate because Curb Your Dog was me, and this is pretty much what they did all day.


About thelocalconstabulary

We are a comics creator who lives in Olympia, Washington. We create and distribute the tangible comics pamphlet, Eight And A Half By Eleven Comics, which is available for subscription.
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2 Responses to From the back of the bookshelf in the closet

  1. MD says:

    Holy shit, Chris! How did I not know about your wordpress site? Heather kindly sent me the link. And I thought I was going to get some work done today.

    Sometimes I think about that basement, and I feel sick and cold. We did make it pretty homey, though – … with fabric and doors for walls and such. Didn’t your “bedroom” even have a window that looked out into one of the dark areas that we generally avoided?

  2. Wow, sorry, Mark, I thought I’d told you about this. If you notice the posting dates, it’s been a sporadic endeavor.

    My “window” was a silkscreen I found upstairs, with a lamp on the other side to simulate moonlight. We occupied the hell out of that basement.

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