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Phages and Stasis

I finished up my RPM album over the weekend, and I’m mailing it in today.  I wanted to post the songs here, but WP wants a hundred bucks a year for the upgrade, so…  Hopefully my entry will be the … Continue reading

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pigeons in flight

Are you feeling dismayed at the low levels of pigeons in your skies?  Well here’s a test sheet from the All-Pigeon Edition of 8.5×11 from last year.  Boring?  Well to see real pigeons in flight you should consider watching Above … Continue reading

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Behold! The Phage!

If I’m understanding it correctly, phages are like viruses that bacteria catch.  So they’re, like, at least ten times smaller than this.

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I’ve taken on the RPM Challenge, and as such will likely not be posting very often this month.  But here is a drawing of my recording studio: In the nearly 13 years I’ve owned this vehicle I’ve always wanted to … Continue reading

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