i do understand that this can’t work



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We are a comics creator who lives in Olympia, Washington. We create and distribute the tangible comics pamphlet, Eight And A Half By Eleven Comics, which is available for subscription.
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2 Responses to i do understand that this can’t work

  1. Rick says:

    You’d be fine until you got to the first overpass. Some sort of mechanism to pull down the mast, coast under, then a quick release to spring it back up. I may have something in the basement…. lets do this!

  2. Dan says:

    Top Gear actually did this two different times. All 3 guys got to choose a car and then reconfigure it so it could go across a river. One of the guys took the van you have and pretty much put a propeller on the back and another took a convertible and stuck a sail on it, which the second time he did it he made it collapsible. It’s a pair of great episodes!

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