doctor dog


On Thursday I was standing under a sign reading “Urgent Care” at the local medical mini-mall that takes my insurance, where two very polite and well dressed people explained to me why I could not see a doctor about my persistent back pain (hint: it involved paperwork).  Dejected, I went back home to lie on the floor some more.  The dog has this stretch she does that hits every vertebrae from the tip of her tail on up, culminating in a move where she pops her neck and jaw in one tilt of her head.  She’d been doing this pretty much every time I looked at her.  It finally got through, I don’t need a doctor, I need to stretch.

I’m happy to say I’m feeling much improved, though my spine still feels kind of stomped and tingly.  Image


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We are a comics creator who lives in Olympia, Washington. We create and distribute the tangible comics pamphlet, Eight And A Half By Eleven Comics, which is available for subscription.
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