Alabama Chrome #85



Here is a scene from Alabama Chrome #85.  As previously, the first person to comment gets the above comic plus a mixtape posted to the mailbox of choice.  Eventually.


About thelocalconstabulary

We are a comics creator who lives in Olympia, Washington. We create and distribute the tangible comics pamphlet, Eight And A Half By Eleven Comics, which is available for subscription.
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4 Responses to Alabama Chrome #85

  1. A new winner! Unrelated to relatives and employees of the local constabulary! I’ll send the comic and tape to SP CE studios, or if you’d like them to go somewhere else, send an email to 8511comics [a] gmail [dort] com

  2. Jonah says:

    I am curious about a song on the tape in this comic. It’s about a man who lives high up on the mountaintop and loves a girl down in the valley and get’s excited when her pop comes by. Who does that one?? Please email me:

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